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Our team incorporates prevention strategies in all treatment types.

Intensive Outpatient

Gives you the freedom to live at home while getting the intensive treatment you deserve.

Aftercare Group Treatment

Achieving sobriety is a huge accomplishment, Aftercare Group Treatment ensures long-term success.

Individual Therapy.

Individual therapy plays an important role in assessing your needs and emphasizing a supportive relationship with your therapist.

Patient Information

Resurgence Tampa Bay has the highest standards in protecting your privacy. Federal laws strictly protect the confidentiality of your records and will not be disclosed without your prior consent and written authorization. We have gone above and beyond for our high-profile clients to protect their privacy.

If substance use or a repeated behavior pattern is becoming a concern for either you or your loved ones, you might want to question whether or not you are an addict. Other signs include negative consequences that are a result of the behavior in question such as inability to follow through with responsibilities, financial instability, or failed relationships.

A 12-Step program is just one of many tools used to provide the support you need to kick a habit. Resurgence Tampa Bay offers a treatment program that is tailored to you, which will offer a more personalized and intense therapies that may also include a 12-Step program.

If you are tired of the way you are living, feeling sad and broken, destroyed by hurting the ones you love, then it is your time to get the help you need. Like many diseases, addiction is caused by a combination of behavioral, environmental and biological factors. You are no different than a person with diabetes who needs to change their lifestyle and get treatment. Here at Resurgence Tampa Bay, we will help restore the real you!

Rehab programs helps people to stop their disruptive behavior and get over an addiction. Detox is a process where alcohol or drugs are purged from your system. Recovery is the lifelong process of living a sober and/ or addiction-free life.

Individual therapy allows you plenty of time to speak and develop a deeper and trusting connection with your therapist. Group therapy is an environment which allows you to make connections and relate to others with similar struggles.

Rehabilitation from addiction with help you learn life skills that will be vital to your recovery success. Life skills such as financial stability, professional integration, mental clarity, physical wellness, family conflict resolution, coping skills, social networking, improved communication, anger management, and establishing recovery goals.

The Affordable Care Act does cover mental health issues. The majority of work insurance covers mental health care. Resurgence Tampa Bay accepts most major insurance plans. Contact us today to see if we accept your insurance.


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