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    Family Immersion Therapy

    Over time, family systems will develop a unique way of operating, and the individuals within the family unit will develop unique ways of interacting with one another. Patterns of interaction will allow the family to maintain some sort of balance (assuming the family is not harshly dysfunctional to begin with, of course). If one individual within the family develops an addictive disorder, the way the unit operates as a whole will be completely thrown off, and this balance will be harshly compromised. Addiction truly is a family disease. Therefore, the recovery process must involve the entire family as well. At Resurgence Tampa Bay, we work closely with the family members of each of our clients, providing them with support, insight and guidance and even offer a family workshop retreat where clients and their families can come to Florida for a weekend of sessions with our highly trained licensed therapists.

    Resurgence Tampa Bay has understand how difficult addiction is for everyone involved, and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to everyone who has been directly affected.

    With Structural Family Therapy we believe that communication is key delivering best Family Immersion Therapy. We understand that having a loved one in an inpatient treatment program – with limited ability to communicate with them directly – can be somewhat nerve-wracking at first. Family members will want to ensure that their loved one is safe and supported, and is receiving the quality, compassionate clinical care that he or she deserves. While we do limit the amount of time that our clients can spend on the telephone (ensuring they are focusing their full attention on their recovery), we do everything we can to keep family members in close communication with our staff members, who are available to answer any questions or address any concerns that may arise.

    The immediate loved ones of the addicted individual might mistakenly believe that all of the work must be done in inpatient treatment – that once he or she has healed, everything will return to normal. The truth is, healing must take place across the board, and every family member who has been affected must do their part in the recovery process in order for it to be completely successful. Recovery involves a great deal of personal growth and learning, and those who are involved in the recovery process will essentially learn a new way of living. You can reply us for any Family Issues, Immersion and we can assure you for a healthy family life at Tampa, Florida.