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    Sex Addiction

    Sexual dependency is any compulsive and sexually motivated behavior that occurs despite the negative consequences. It is also called sexual coercion or sexual addiction. Sexual addiction can affect social life, physical health and emotional well-being. Usually it does not get better until the person receives treatment. A compassionate therapist can help people develop healthier relationships with sex and intimacy. Although sex, like everything else, is considered a natural part of life, it can have negative consequences if it is brought to extremes. There are several treatment programs for sexual addiction, but it is important to understand what sexual addiction involves and how it develops. Although psychologists have had difficulty defining sexual addiction accurately, there is a widespread belief that it involves an inability to control or manage one’s sexual behavior.

    Sex addiction Tampa, Florida

    If you think that you or someone important to you is suffering from sexual addiction, it is very important that you can identify signs and symptoms.  A lists with possible signs that may indicate sexual addiction:

    • Multiple sexual partners.
    • Cyber sex.
    • Unprotected sex.
    • Frequent stops for one night.
    • Use of prostitutes.
    • Feelings of shame and guilt.
    • Inability to resist the impulses of extreme sexual acts.

    A person suffering from sexual addiction may also have made several unsuccessful attempts to control their behavior.

    If you think that you or someone close to you might benefit from treatment, it is normal to have questions about how to find the best treatment for sexual addiction. One of the most important factors is whether the institution specializes in treatment for sexual addiction. This is very important, because sexual addiction is very different from other types of addiction. It is also very important to ask questions about the proposed treatment. Also, ask about the success of the facility. Resurgence Tampa Bay is  renowned for treating sexual disorders with proper diagnosis and specialized treatment.