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    Substance Abuse Treatment

    Substance Abuse Treatment is another phrase often heard in conversation and in the media.  It is in many ways synonymous with addiction rehab, although it is technically a bit more accurate.  When one suffers from what is medically called a substance use disorder, Substance Abuse Treatment is the intervention which is necessary to first withdraw the individual from the substance or substances, and then to re-direct their behavior toward a recovery-oriented lifestyle.  This process may involve a combination of medication therapies, individual cognitive behavioral therapy and/or group therapy.  Additionally, Substance Abuse Treatment may occur as an inpatient at a residential facility, or as an outpatient while residing at home.  A determination of which form of Substance Abuse Treatment is most appropriate for a given individual should be made through evaluation by a trained and experienced addiction professional.

    At Resurgence Tampa Bay, we offer a very high-quality Intensive Outpatient treatment experience, as well as individual therapy with highly trained professionals.  Our addiction professionals have a combined 25- years of experience working in the field of Substance Abuse Treatment, and have experienced the misery of addiction personally, giving them invaluable insight into the behavioral changes necessary to overcome this deadly affliction.  If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, and are ready to begin Substance Abuse Treatment, we can assure you that recovery is possible.  Let the professionals at Resurgence Tampa Bay show you the way!