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    Substance Abuse Prevention

    The concept of Substance Abuse Prevention is of great importance to society as a whole, because it seeks to reduce the incidence of drug use before the many adverse consequences of drug addiction can occur.  Substance Abuse Prevention efforts can come in many forms, but typically they will involve some form of education.  One form of Substance Abuse Prevention which is usually provided by non-profit groups or government agencies are media messages to inform the public regarding the dangers of substance use and the services available to help individuals as well as families.  This media outreach may be in print, on television or on social media.

    Another and possibly more effective form of Substance Abuse Prevention is personal intervention, which is conducted by a trained addiction professional.  This may be done in an individual setting, during a one-on-one meeting, or in a group setting utilizing an educational lecture format.  This informational lecture format should first include a discussion of the personal and societal consequences of drug abuse.  Next, it should include a description of the disease concept of addiction and why this leads to the many adverse behaviors exhibited in active addiction.  Finally, it should conclude with an in-depth discussion of how to find recovery.  At Resurgence Tampa Bay, our professionals are available to offer all types of Substance Abuse Prevention services.  Let us show you how we can make a difference!