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    Mental Health Facility

    When one first considers the difficult and sometimes frightening task of seeking help for any mental health condition, the process can be bewildering.  When using the internet, for example, the question first arises, what do I even look for?  Oftentimes, one may search for a local Mental Health Facility, only to find themselves directed to multiple different types of facilities which offer a variety of different services.  This is because the name Mental Health Facility is very general; it applies to any inpatient or outpatient center which exists for the purpose of treating any type of mental health condition and may offer either short-term or long-term care.  This makes it very challenging to select the Mental Health Facility which will best serve your needs.

    Resurgence Tampa Bay is an outpatient Mental Health Facility dedicated to treating clients who are considered stable enough for therapy while residing at home, requiring either short or long-term care.  We are experienced in treating many mental health disorders such as mood disorders, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, marital and intimacy issues and substance abuse issues.  When a client is initially seen at our Mental Health facility, they can expect to receive a full and comprehensive evaluation so that a treatment recommendation can be made jointly between therapist and client.  At Resurgence Tampa Bay, our first priority is your satisfaction.