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    Addiction Rehab Recovery Treatment


    Drug addiction is a unique and complex disease, which, like other mental disorders, often requires specialist intervention for its correct treatment. This is a chronic disease, which often worsens, the longer it is not treated. Fortunately, in our addiction Rehab Recovery Treatment center near Tampa, Florida, there is a type of clinical and holistic treatment that can significantly improve a person’s life and help stop the endless cycle of addiction.

    What is the best rehabilitation clinic for drug addicts and alcoholics?

    Several factors contribute to long-term success in the treatment of substance use disorders. Important aspects of Rehab Recovery Treatment include assessing each person to determine their individual needs, treating addiction as a chronic, relapse and recurrence condition, providing medication when needed, exploring the possibility of coexisting mental disorders, and using evidence-based behavioral therapy.

    At Resurgence Tampa Bay, we offer clinically proven Rehab Recovery Treatment strategies. Another important aspect of effective treatment is to meet the multiple needs of the patient, not just his addiction. This holistic approach to the patient can be found in our addiction treatment center. In addition to behavioral therapy, we assist our patients with counseling on addiction issues in the areas of law, health care, family dynamics and professional activities.

    Our addiction treatment center has specialized Rehab Recovery Treatment programs designed specifically to help people overcome their addiction to many of the most common drugs, such as opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine and others.

    After many years of research conducted by various public and private organizations, the best methods of treating addictions are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational therapy (BMT), and dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT). That’s why our clinical staff and Resurgence Tampa Bay consultants integrate these therapies into our addiction treatment programs.

    Because of the different treatment needs of patients, we offer several other therapies that can be very effective in combination with other evidence-based therapies. These include family system therapy, solution-focused therapy, holistic therapy, process therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.