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    Addiction Rehab

    Addiction Rehab is a term which one hears quite frequently.  It is very common to hear that a particular celebrity is in Addiction Rehab, or that a friend or family member needs Addiction Rehab.  However, most people don’t know exactly what the term Addiction Rehab actually refers to, which leads to a great deal of confusion and added stress.  In fact, it is a generic phrase which may refer to a number of specific levels of care.  Simply put and in decreasing order of intensity, these levels include detoxification, residential treatment, partial hospitalization treatment and intensive outpatient treatment.  Each one can be the only level of treatment one receives, or a person may start at one level and progress down to lower levels as they improve.  Let’s take a look at each type of Addiction Rehab.

    Detoxification, while often the beginning of Addiction Rehab, is actually just the medical stabilization of withdrawal from certain substances such as alcohol, opiates and sedatives.  It is frequently very necessary, as withdrawal from substances such as alcohol can be quite dangerous.  A physician trained in Addiction Medicine should determine if this is necessary and supervise the process.  Residential treatment is what people most think of as Addiction Rehab, since this is the level of care in which the patient lives at the facility and participates in therapy for most of the day.  It includes 24-hour on-site nursing and is often where one goes following detoxification.  Partial Hospitalization treatment is of lower intensity than the residential level but still consists of at least 25 hours of therapy per week.  It may be entered by a patient as the only level of care or may follow either residential or detoxification.  Additionally, it may be done while living at the facility or from home.  Intensive Outpatient treatment is a level of Drug Rehab that consists of 9 hours of therapy per week and is usually done while living at home.  It is an excellent level of care for those with milder forms of addictive disease or who have progressed from higher levels of care.  Following completion of Intensive Outpatient treatment, patients frequently will continue for a variable period of time receiving individual therapy.  At Resurgence Tampa Bay, we offer a high-quality Intensive Outpatient treatment experience, as well as individual therapy with experienced professionals.  Call us, and we can help simplify the process for you!